I hope you have enjoyed going thru our website and meeting our Family of Aussies.  Now to tell you a little about myself...I have grown up with all kinds of animals, but dogs and horses were my love.  I first started my show career when I was 20 yrs old with the Whippets.  I then started my grooming career and had my own grooming salon for 20 + yrs.  During this time I had Miniature Pinchers and a few poodles.  The smaller dogs just did not seem to be what I needed, so my husband ask me one day to get a real dog. Haha  My husband grew up with the Aussies, so we did our research and   well, you know the rest!  Here I am today breeding the Aussies.  We started with the  Australian Shepherd in 1999.  I absolutely fell in love with the breed and loved working with them.  We moved to OK in 2001 and I met a lady there that bred the Miniature Australian Shepherds.  When we came back to NC in 2003, a friend of mine was breeding the mini's, so I got my first male mini from her, and now here we are.
So with Gods help and also my husbands help, I am doing what I love to do best...working with my dogs.  I sold my grooming business and now I am a stay at home mom to my dogs.

This is Hannah & Cheyanne, my   first 2  aussies.  Both girls were 18", so come to find out  they can actually be concidered Mini's.  They are from old foundation type that is very hard to find anymore.  These girls were  the heart of my breeding program. Hannah is the Red Merle and  Cheyanne is the Blue Merle.  Cheyanne went to the Rainbow Bridge in July 2011 and her sister Hannah left us to be with her sister in 2014.

Now we work very hard to try and keep the foundation of the aussies in our program with what they call now the  " Mini's ".  You can read more about the history on the Breed Info page.  I did alot of research on the breed and still do, to try and keep the Intelligence, Temperament, Health, etc in my breeding program.  We try to provide Families with a wonderful happy, healthy puppy that will be with them for a long life!

Aussie Puppies Looking Up
God Bless You
They are Your Friend, Your Partner, Your Defender, Your Dog.
You are their Life, their Love, their Leader.
They will be yours, Faithful & True, to the last beat of their heart.
"The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you."
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