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All puppies come up to date for everything for their age.  All puppies are Guaranteed to be in good physical & mental condition & free from disease at time of sale.  Health Records will be provided.

We guarantee all puppies to be free of any Genetic defects for a period of 26 months from date of birth.

We use a program called "Puppy Culture" in our program.  All of our puppies have daily interaction with touch, sound, etc.  I make sure that all of the puppies come well socialized.  They are also started on their outside potty training.  (I do not use litter boxes)  Crate training is also another very important step we take in training our puppies.

We also start our puppies on a good Nutritional diet.  We use Nutrisource for our puppies and adults.

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Your puppy depends on you when it comes to their Health & Happiness. In most cases dog foods will not provide them with some of the Nutrition that they need in their growing years. We start all of our puppies on a All Natural Immune System Support.

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Pet/Companion puppy Prices are  $1400.00  regardless of Color or Gender.

Charger 3 wks2.jpg



Blue Merle MALE with lots of 

flashy white and beautiful 

copper markings.

Charger 3 wks.jpg


Black Tri  MALE with a full white collar and beautiful

copper markings


Firebird 3 wks2.jpg
Firebird 3 wks.jpg


Blue Merle  MALE

Gorgeous boy with beautiful markings, 1/2 white collar and beautiful copper markings


Stang 3 wks2.jpg
Stang 3 wks.jpg

" Z "

Red Merle  MALE

Very handsome boy with 1/2 white collar & gorgeous copper markings


Z 3 wks.jpg
Z 3 wks2.jpg

Kirk & Lisa Grose

Kernersville, NC

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